Józefinka 29,
88-190 Barcin



The array of machines we own allows us to manufacture parts of any kind made to standards and individual designs. Owing to up-to-the-minute CNC machining and professional CAD/CAM software, we have the capacity to accurately fulfil your orders, both one-off and serial.


We provide machining services including turning, milling, and cutting of materials. We have broad experience in machining special materials, i.e. acid-proof and duplex steel. In addition, we machine carbon and alloy steel, non-ferrous metals, various types of casts, forgings, and others.


Measuring devices manufactured by leading global companies enable us to continuously monitor the quality of products we make for you.


Of great importance for our manufacturing activity is the ability to machine parts of both small and large dimensions up to 1,850 mm in diameter.